Monday, April 21, 2014

When Arashi Watches Others Dance to Arashi Songs

So I've finally discovered the joys of making gifs! Yeah, yeah, I know I'm late to the party, but I think for a post like this, mere screencaps won't do it justice. So please enjoy!

Warning: this will be GIF heavy, so it might take a while to load for slow internet connections!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NUMBER ONE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
First off, we have the 2008.09.24 episode of はねるのトびらSP 短缩铁道の夜, which is some variety show that all five members guested on to promote VS Arashi back in the day when VSA still needed promoting. One of the regular hosts of this show decided to welcome these five super idols by showing off some of his dance moves:

Of course, this comedian gets the due smacks on his wigged head from his team mates, and Arashi's reaction is one of polite amusement. Domyouji himself seems quite taken with the creative license this guy has exercised to help promote their new game show. 

But this guy isn't finished busting his moves! Does anyone remember. oh, just a fantastically AWESOME little Arashi number called "Truth?"

Apparently, he likes to practice MatsuJun's position, so MatsuJun kindly let him borrow his bandmates for a little rehearsal of the opening of "Truth."

Arashi is impressed with how well he did. They show the PV of Truth for comparison purposes; looks like this comedian guy's been doing his homework well! A++, man! Sakurai-sensei looks particularly impressed; perhaps it's because he remembers how he and Aiba were the two culprits who kept getting the steps wrong and caused everyone to have to stay late during the filming of that PV? 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NUMBER TWO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Next, let's relive that hilarious episode of VS Arashi (2013.07.18) with fellow Johnny's Kazama Shunsuke as the Plus One Guest. Now, girls, who doesn't love it when another Johnny's guests on any Arashi variety show? And Kazama-kun is about as entertaining as they come, with his floppy hair and good-natured resignation to being endlessly teased by his sempais (though the Kaze Trio are really more like his equals) about his inability to "dance." Weird for a Johnny's, right? Well, to prove them wrong and defend his own honor as a member of this elite agency of ikemen, Kazama-kun jumps on that Kicking Sniper conveyor belt and (attempts to) rock Arashi's debut song, A.Ra.Shi. Enjoy. 

Can you guys remember what Arashi's reactions were? The memory of it was so side-splittingly hilarious that it's still fresh in my mind... 

Yeah, so first, Riida and DoS Jun kick their giant rubber balls at the rocking Kazama, who yells out, "Aren't you being strange?!" before being swallowed up by the curtains. Love Jun's self-satisfied smirk as he passes by the camera there. 

And Yama pair can barely keep their teeth from showing. Sakurai's kneeling on the ground with laughter. 

A few minutes later, as the announcer is asking them how they feel about the Kicking Sniper, Jun very coolly declares that he feels confident "because I've just been practicing on Kazama-kun." LOL. I love your bitchy diva attitude, Jun!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NUMBER THREE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
We all know Aiba has a little zoo show he's been participating in on the side for quite a few years now (didn't they just reach their tenth anniversary this year?). And naturally, when NTV's Hatori Shinichi announcer guested on TSD (this is the 2009.04.18 episode, if you're curious), he couldn't resist showing off his dancing chops in front of the idol. The duo danced together to the Love So Sweet chorus:

Aiba couldn't keep his lips together during the entire thing. Our tennen darling was just soo happy! And can I point out that Aiba in overalls just makes everything better? *flails*

Aiba is told by the bystanders to go easy on Hatori-san, who is in his 40's. Still, it's hard for our idol to stop laughing at the way his guest utterly fails at doing that little part where he's supposed to slap his knee. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NUMBER FOUR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This next one is from the 2012.07.28 episode of Arashi ni Shiyagare, and the guests are... Kanjani 8!! Seems like it might be a thing for Johnny's to dance together whenever they're placed in the same variety show. Mwahahaha! Not complaining, though. Anyways, K8 complains that they wish they could do the hand-on-shoulder hip wiggle choreo of Arashi "Troublemaker." So Arashi demonstrates that dance for them, and then, they attempt it... 

Gosh but Maru is just such a weirdo! In a good way. And putting Ohkura (the tallest) in between Yasu and Subaru was clearly not the most genius idea... 

Just some bonus Maru, attempting that signature "Troublemaker" sweep while Sho-kun looks on with apparent amusement. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NUMBER FIVE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Because sometimes, Arashi is just too cool for humans. Their music is so catchy that even robots dance along to it. Presenting... Wild at Heart, featuring some robot and Ohno Satoshi.

(This is from the 2013.03.27 episode of Arashi no Asu ni Kakeru Tabi 嵐の明日に架ける旅)

Yup, the engineers programmed this lifelike robot to dance to Arashi's "Wild at Heart," and Ohno joined in midway through the dance. Afterwards, he remarked that the robot remembered the moves better than he did. Tut tut, Riida... this was only 2013, and "Wild at Heart" was released in 2012... how can your muscle memory be that short? It's so Riida-like to slack off... even when dancing next to a robot.


Okay, I'll end the list here. I really want to add the 2013.06.22 episode of AniShi where Himura-san of Banana Man was the guest and he made Arashi dance "Himu-so-sweet" with him as the center at the end... But I sadly don't have that clip, so I can't make a pretty little gif out of it. It is hilarious though, and you should all do yourselves the service of watching both the Himura episodes on AniShi.

Here's to more and more moments of physical embarrassment for our boys in the coming months! 


  1. I am once more in your blog in the middle of work. bad for productivity but good for my kokoro hahahahaha

    @MasBaihaki and I were just talking on Twitter how we should convince you to have a Twitter account. and maybe I should put your blog on my links on my blog so it would be easier for me to keep track of your posts! (I don't have a links section just so you'll know but I love your blog!)

    and this post was just pure win. I remember Taka-san and Nakai-san teasing them no end about their debut dance moves in Utaban. I miss that show sigh.

    - orangejasminepurpleyam

    1. Whatever it takes for a healthy kokoro, right? *wink*
      Haha I just read your twitter conversation. Thanks for the shout-out, and the enthusiastic petition to get me to join Twitter. I can get an account, but I honestly don't think I would be tweeting half as much as you or your friends do. I'm so bad with keeping up to date with things... especially when Arashi is super busy like they are now, which is why I like writing flail posts on random throwback moments so much lol.

      Man, Utaban was SUCH a good platform for Arashi. And Nakai is a genius host. I really wish there was more onscreen SMAP x Arashi interaction (I always watch for it during Kouhaku)... but some things are beyond our power, I guess. Sigh.

    2. so our petition ain't working? c'mon, we need you!!! lol

      besides it would be easier to promote your posts if you are on Twitter. promise, we won't bite and it wil be so much fun!!! hahahaha

      - ojpy

    3. Hi!!
      Oops guilty here haha. For a super lazy fan like me, I totally enjoy to be on twitter to keep updated of their activities and news as well. and of course there are certain blogs that I followed. All of you people never stop to amaze me be it with your random or specific posts about them. How I wish I was involved earlier in this fandom.

      BTW, I watched the Shiyagare with Kanjani 8 and I found it was so cute when Kanjani 8 got jealous on how perfect Arashi with that choreo. I squealed when our boys demonstrate it. They did it professionally it was cool :) oh I have to watch this again.

      Entertaining post you have here. Arigatou and see u in Twitter :P

      ~ Han aka as mentioned by orangejasmine :)

    4. Nice to see you again, Han! It feel great to be appreciated hehe <3 I love all Kanjani x Arashi interactions. They always manage to turn anything into one big happy party. I do hope to see you on twitter! I just got an account @FireStorm_HK

      As always, thanks for dropping by here with your lovely comments <3

  2. They do have lots of celebrity fans, don't they? Maybe not hardcore fans but they at least know Arashi's dance moves and songs XD Btw, that announcer's name is Hatori and he's one of well known Arashi fanboy. Our boys are well loved, yes? XD XD

    1. Ah, kanji fail *blush* honestly, I know how Riida and Aiba feel when they guest on nep league now lol. Anyways, I fixed the boo-boo with Hatori's name. He's actually one of the announcers I like a lot (even though I only know him from Arashi bangumis lol)

      Our boys are well-loved indeed ❤ I was actually pretty impressed with that guy who danced the truth intro. Lol. I swear he must have practiced for a while. Oh speaking of which, I can't believe I forgot to add that clip of an Indonesian boy dancing to truth (I think it was aired on a Himitsu no Arashi episode back in the early HnA days...)! God THAT was gold.

      Ah, I had so much fun compiling this post; I just wish the gifs came with the sound so I could capture all the laughter in the studios during all these wacky dance attempts! Arashi just brings the joy everywhere they go :-)