Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Arashi CM's - Gifspam!

I just binge-watched about three hours worth of Arashi CM's, from pre-debut to their 15th anniversary. And the amazing part is that I'm pretty sure there's still loads of stuff out there that I haven't even seen or heard of. I really, really enjoy CM's as a fan. They're so gorgeous they're practically like animated magazine shoots, full of glossiness and hilarity and positive energy.

Anyways, enjoy this gifspam into the shiny, plastic world of commercials!

*And yes, this is going to be a pure gifspam. Unadulterated by my rambling comments. It's loooong, so please allow a few minutes for your browser to load.

Aiba for Tongari Corn

Ohno for Tongari Corn
Aiba for Tongari Corn

Matsu-John (in faux-Hollywood) for Tongari Corn
Jun for Tongari Corn.
Nino for Tongari Corn
Arashi for Tongari Corn.
Arashi for Tongari Corn
Sho: "Doump, Arashi desu!" for Tongari Corn
Cheerleading Ohno for Tongari Cor.
Tongari Corn. Giffed because of the way Aiba side-eyes Jun.
Arashi in a corn field for Tongari Corn.
Arashi sees the Tongari Corn UFO!
Jun looks perfect, as always. 
The UFO is attracting Leader's Tongari Corn fingers! Oh no!
Leader gets sucked up by the corn-hungry UFO.
Luckily, it only wants the Tongari Corn fingers. 
Nino for Tongari Corn.
Arashi for McDonald's.
Sho for McDonald's.
Arashi for McDonald's. 
ShoJunBa for McDonald's. Love Jun's giggle.
Ohmiya for McDonald's. Leader's eyebrows.
And Nino's playful "gotcha!" look ^.^
Arashi for McDonald's.
Aimiya for McDonald's. 
ShoJunToshi for McDonald's.
Aiba yelling at his bandmates while wearing a
stuffed dolphin around his waist. For McDonald's.
Aiba for C1000.
Aiba with parrot for C1000.
Aiba for C1000.
Aiba for UHA. Saikuyi? That pose of Aiba's
 looks remarkably monkey-like xPP
Aiba for UHA. There seems to be a Saiyuki theme here.
Aiba for UHA. You know he's always gotten along with animals, right?
Arashi for Puchi.
Arashi for Puchi.
Arashi for Puchi.
Arashi for Puchi.
Arashi for Puchi.
Nino for Okoke. 
Nino for Okoke.
Jun: "I'm Matsumoto Jun, in my 20's. It's the age of Pepsi."
Jun: "But really, it has nothing to do with age."
Nino for Okoke. He sings in this one.
Nino for Okoke. Yeah, that soup must have been real good.
Jun, Aiba, and Ohno for Kirin Green Heart.
Jun, Aiba and Ohno for Kirin Green Heart.
Nino for Kirin.
Arashi for Puchi.
Arashi for Puchi.
Ohno for Naive.
Ohno for Naive.
Ohno for Naive. Interesting fact to note: this brand of
body wash is the actual brand Leader uses, according
to the CM Making. 
Ohno for Lawson.
Ohno for Allegra. Purple Alien Ohno is one of my favorite CM personas!
Ohno fro Allegra.
Ohno for Allegra. Dork.
Ohno for Allegra. Okay, I'll stop the purple alien spam now.
Ohno being forced to eat spicy wings for KFC.
Sho for Ajinomoto gyoza.
Sho and Aoi for Aflac. <3
Sho for Aflac.
Sho has a magic potion called Oronamin C.
Of course, this magic potion can sometimes be too much for Sho to handle.
Oronamin C gives Sho martial arts superpowers
Gallant Kasa-kun Sho shields two ladies from the splash,
with the help of his Oronamin C superpowers. 
The ladies say "Thank you."
Sho's all like, "No problem-o."
Aiba for Muhi. Who's ready for some sizzling hot action!Aiba?
Aiba for Muhi. Someone cast this man in an action film already!
Aiba the Swordsman for Muhi EX.
Aiba for Muhi EX.
Gods have mercy on us. Aiba is boxing for Muhi EX.
Aiba for Muhi EX. I can't believe he doesn't consider himself to be sexy as fuck.
Aiba for Muhi. 
Aiba for Muhi.
Aiba for Sumitomo Life Insurance.
Aiba for Sumitomo Life Insurance. 
Aiba for Sumitomo Life Insurance.
Aiba for House Barmont Curry.
Aiba for House Barmont Curry
Nino for Pocky.
Nino for Pocky. Oh, Neen, did you bring some Pocky to Hawaii this year?
Nino for Nissin Oillio.
Nino for Nissin Oillio.
Nino: "Oishiisou!" for Nissin Oillio.
Nino for Japan Post. Giffed because of cuteness and hamburger hand porn.
Nino for JCB.
Nino for JCB.
Nino for JCB. 
Nino for JCB. 
Jun coming up with the perfect formula for Fasio mascara.
Jun for Fasio foundation.
Jun and Mirei for Fasio mascara.
Jun for Meiji Chocolate.
Jun for Meiji Chocolate. He uses the manga Slam Dunk to
encourage a man not to give up on his dream of becoming a lawyer.
Jun for Meiji Chocolate.

Jun for Ariel +water tissues.
Jun for Ariel Goon.
Jun for Recruit.
Jun for Meiji Chocolate.
Jun for KFC.
Jun for KFC. I've never seen anyone eat fried chicken so sensually.
Jun for House gum.
Arashi for AU.
Aimiya for AU.
Sho for AU. Clearly, he does have superpowers.
Okay, I'm going to stop right here. But there are tons more lovely/hilarious/beautiful/heart-warming/bad-ass Arashi CM's out there! So please check them out if you have the time ^.^ Because there are so many types of roles that the five boys take on that we can't see in any other setting.


  1. For the Aimiya for McDonalds one... Arashi has me so twisted now, I am convinced that there was a naked man with nothing but a fanny pack on doing Nino's hair.
    And no one else was fazed.

    I know it is probably just the coloring but I can't unsee it.
    Do you see what I am talking about?

    1. Haha now I'm seeing the naked man, too! You're messing with my mind lol <3